South Carolina 250 Winter Fest Feb. 26-27

Started by Carolina USSSA, January 19, 2022, 01:06:53 AM

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Carolina USSSA

[/b]4 Game Guarante

2 Pool Play followed by a Double Elimination.

Based on 10 teams we will do 2 Divisions, Upper and Lower based on Pool Play
Top 4 teams will play in the upper
The remaining teams will play in the lower.

1st and 2nd Place in each division will receive full prize package.
$340 entry fee
1st place State Champion Rings and USSSA Dri-Fits
2nd place   USSSA Dri-Fits

Any ball hit over the 250' fence and not over the 300'fence is a homerun.
Any ball hit beyond the 300' fence is recorded as an out
Homeruns are unlimited.
We will use a screen. Any ball hitting the screen off the bat untouched will be an out and the ball is dead
A thrown ball hitting the screen will be live.
The screen will be optional for each team, to be determined at the beginning of the game and for the duration of the game.

Each team must designate a Mr. 250. This player must Clear the 250' fence or he is out.
If he clears both fences it is still a Homerun (no penalty)

If the Mr. 250 is walked, it will be recorded as a walk.
The next, and only the next batted ball clearing the 300 fence,
before Mr. 250 comes back to bat, will count as a Home Run.

The Mr. 250 will continue his role as Mr. 250 for all of his at bats.
Please contact
Johnny Blizzard 919-988-3869   or  Scott Dooley 803-403-7035

Time Limit
At the end of 50 Minutes we will finish the inning we are in and play 1 more.
4 Game Guarantee $340

Team List

Men's Saturday
Buckle Up
M and Them
Southern Smoke
Whiskey Business
Broughton Pharm SC
Good Vibes Sports
Dirty O's
Smoke Show
Stupid Bats
Here for Beer
Old School

Carolina USSSA